Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Review – Better All-Round

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Review

With a nicer design and vastly improved audio, the third-generation Echo Dot is Amazon’s best, cheapest speaker yet.


While the earlier Echo Dots were cheap ways to broaden smart home control all over your home, they weren’t the most attractive devices and had weedy sounds. Amazon Echo Dot (third Gen) as a considerable enhancement for the firsts, even though it costs precisely the equivalent. 

The Good 

  • A clear and loud sound
  • 3.5mm and Bluetooth audio output
  • Same cost as the old model
  • Improved design
The Bad 

  • No longer USB powered
  • Not ideal for music

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The new finish design looks fantastic, and the new Echo Dot is a gadget that you’d cheerfully put out on the show. Sound has been drastically enhanced, both as far as quality and loudness, which makes Alexa easier to understand and implies that the odd bit of music or radio is a chance. If you’re looking to put Alexa in more rooms, then this is the device to buy

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Design


We’ve just spilled the beans – the new Echo Dot sounds drastically superior to the earlier form — yet we additionally need to call attention to this new speaker sounds damn amazing for its size. To place things in context, we tried the new Echo Dot against the Google Home Mini, and the Echo Dot won by a mile. The Echo Dot has sharp treble, respectably clear midrange, and vocal timbres, and offers much more low-end response. By comparison, the Google speaker sounds a bit harsh – at louder volumes, we had to turn it down. Still, the new Echo Dot can be driven to full capacity and louder but avoids distortion and is pleasant listening.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Sound


Under the fabric hood is a solitary 1.6-inch speaker firing 360-degrees. It is a significant bounce up from the earlier models, which used one small speaker and let the sound break out of numerous port gaps in a weak effort to convince users that it broadcast music in every direction.

Outside of that one significant difference, the core functionality of the Echo Dot remains the same. The speaker is the gateway to the integrated voice assistant Alexa, which can answer all questions, make phone calls, set kitchen timers, provide the latest news, and more. The ability to control smart home devices remains the same as well.

An ongoing Alexa App update brings user-friendly usability to the set-up process, permitting you to connect with compatible gadgets quickly.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Features


The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is simpler on the eyes than both of Amazon’s two past Echo Dots. It offers rounded corners that help make the Dot look less like a hockey puck, and the fabric grille around the outer edge feels modern and classy at the same time.

The fabric mesh design enables the Amazon Echo Dot mix in with the rest of the refreshed Amazon Echo line-up, which got a fabric-covered makeover with the last year refresh. As a result, the new Echo Dot comes in different colors to match the rest of the range, including Charcoal, Heather Grey, and Sandstone variations.

On the top of the Echo Dot, you’ll find four buttons that consist of volume up and down, microphone mute, Alexa, and a four-microphone array.


The equipment you purchase with smart speakers is only half the story: they live amazing the ability of the voice assistant within them.

Dot’s Alexa performance is top-notch. Its four-amplifier exhibit has the option to hear you over things like the cooker hood going full pelt in the kitchen or when playing music at the highest volume regardless of whether you do need to shout a bit. Alexa likewise sounds excellent through Dot’s speakers.

Smart home control, music playback, web recordings, news briefings, playing radio broadcasts and setting different alarms, clocks, and other small bits like that all work extraordinary.

Alexa hosts a great deal of third-party “skills” (applications), including those from news publishers, for example, the Guardian, games, for example, Escape the Room, utilities, National Rail application and senseless things such Star Trek – Red Alert, so you can imagine you’re on the starship Enterprise.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Sound

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Although technically new items, the Amazon Echo (third generation) and Echo Dot (third Generation) With Clock aren’t fundamentally different about what has been accessible for quite a while, the larger Echo has similar features as the Echo Plus at a lower cost. At the same time, the littler gadget includes an advanced clock at the front. The Echo (third-generation) does, obviously, stable better than the Echo Show 5, if sound quality is a higher need for you.

The more affordable Echo Dot With Clock is, as we would see it, certainly worth purchasing over the customary Echo Dot (third generation). We saw the Clock as exceptionally valuable and is unquestionably worth the extra $10. While they still aren’t the best sounding speakers in their respective price ranges, these new Echo devices remain among the most versatile thanks to Alexa’s ever-expanding capabilities.

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