Marshall Kilburn II Review – The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Rocking Out

Marshall Kilburn II Review

The Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker is loud and proud, but still sounds sweet and balanced.


Marshall’s Kilburn II is a fabulous update to its bestselling predecessor, with a stunning retro amp-roused design and a balanced sound. While the bass can be somewhat sloppy now and again, it’s superb for playing guitar music, and its portability implies the Kilburn II is incredible for taking out on the road.

The Good 

  • Gorgeous design
  • Excellent build
  • Powerful sound
  • Splashproof
The Bad 

  • Slightly muddy bass
  • Can feel heavy

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It’s difficult to stand out in the Bluetooth speaker field on the off chance that you don’t have one of a unique selling point. Marshall’s focus to trade heavily on rocker vibes, with speakers that look like guitar amps. On account of Marshall Kilburn II, this is no gimmick. It sounds as good as it seems.

The Kilburn II builds on the strong foundations of the first Marshall Kilburn, with performance and design changes that help balance style with substance. 

  Mashall Kilburn II Performance


Marshall Kilburn II is extraordinarily amusing to tune in to. There are a few caveats, however. Marshall makes some noise around 360-degree sound, yet I’m not convinced. You could put this speaker in the center of the room and enjoy it while strolling around, yet this is a stereo speaker, and it performs best when treated in that capacity. Fundamentally, you need it facing you.

The sound additionally isn’t as wide or open as I’d like. A few speakers are fit for exposing the sound stage. However, this isn’t the situation here. Instrumental separation could be better, and particularly crowded tracks aren’t as well enunciated as they should be.

That being stated, Marshall Kilburn II is a pleasant tune in. There’s a lot of intensity and dynamism. On the off chance that you need a kick, you’ll get it; there’s no shortage of energy.

Adjust the balance of treble and bass, and their characteristic remains the same as before at different levels. The bass is characterized enough – not rigid, yet indeed deep enough and strong enough to shake the room. The treble is crisp and textured. Wrench up the volume, and the Kilburn II holds its self-control, never solidifying up. It isn’t suited to critical listening, but it sure is fun.

Mashall Kilburn II Design


The Kilburn II can be ordered now, with shipping from September 13, estimated at £249 in the UK, $299 in the US, and US$369 in Australia. That is quite costly for a Bluetooth speaker, especially when you compare it with different models available.

That being said, you’re purchasing something other than a speaker with the Kilburn II – you’re buying into a brand with a history of rock heritage.

On the off chance that you need to enjoy a similar listening experience for less cash, the first Kilburn is right now accessible at a decreased cost of £159 at Marshall’s UK site, and US$219 at its Australian site; there’s as of now no such decrease for US purchasers.

Mashall Kilburn II Availability


The box-shaped Kilburn II is accessible in black or grey faux leather. It estimates 6.5 by 9.6 by 5.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.5 pounds, so the removable strap is useful for moving it around. It additionally happens to look very pleasant, similar to an exemplary guitar strap with a velvet-lined underside.

The front side of the Kilburn II is all metallic grille, embellished with the Marshall logo. Behind the screen, dual 8-watt tweeters and a single 20-watt woofer siphon out a frequency range of 52Hz to 20kHz.

There are three knobs along with the top board, one for power/volume: one for bass, and one for treble. There are no track navigation controls. The board additionally houses a battery life LED and a Bluetooth pairing button. A covered port on the backboard accommodates the power cable connection, and there’s an uncovered 3.5mm aux input. The backside also houses a port for air moved by the drivers to escape through.

Kilburn II’s IPX2 water-resistance rating isn’t that impressive. All it means is that the speaker is protected from water droplets while held at a slight angle. It can withstand a very light sprinkle but can’t use this speaker poolside or out in the rain, as it is about as low as IP ratings.

There’s no speakerphone functionality, and the absence of a 3.5mm aux input cable appears to be an omission at this cost.

Marshall estimates the Kilburn II’s battery life to be about 20 hours, yet your outcomes will differ with your volume levels.

Mashall Kilburn II

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Few portable Bluetooth speakers are as loud as the Kilburn II. Kilburn design makes it easier on the eyes, and the powerful speakers combined with analog control knobs can tailor the sound profile to your tastes.

The 20-hour battery life keeps the Kilburn II to rock on all night, and the rugged design with an IPX2 rating, leather carrying handle, and end caps around all corners ensure it can hold its own on the road.

Overall, Kilburn II is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers money can buy today.

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