Bose Soundlink Mini II Review – Still One Of the Best Sounding Wireless Speakers

Bose Soundlink Mini II Review

This Bose is tiny, but its warm, rich bassy sound is music to our ears.


The Bose SoundLink Mini II indicates its age with its average battery life and absence of features like NFC and waterproofing. Be that as it may, it stays outstanding amongst other wireless speakers available in the market.

The Good 

  • Stellar sound
  • Built like a tank
  • Compact form factor
The Bad 

  • No NFC or multipoint Bluetooth
  • Not water resistant
  • Average battery life

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The SoundLink Mini put a smile on everyone’s face when we heard the lashings of profound, rich bass coming out of such a tiny wireless speaker.

Compact speakers of this sort and cost don’t tend to dig deep into the lower frequencies.

Over and over again, we’ve heard such speakers sound excessively thin and splendid, basically due to a lack of bass depth. Be that as it may, Bose has managed it honorably as a small loudest speaker.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Sound


The Bose SoundLink Mini’s bass performance is deep and welcoming. All the more critically, it supports the overall sound with a sense of weight that is beautiful to hear.

The Soundlink speaker envelopes you in a warm, meaty performance – we’re genuinely dazzled with the measure of depth it’s managed to fit in.

Stream any song of your choice over Bluetooth, and they all sound extremely loud. It’s a unique sound, as well, with plenty of punch to the thumping beats.

The rest of the frequency can’t be ignored, either. Voices are rich and loaded with detail. The treble is smooth and delicate, and there’s no trace of brightness or sharpness to be heard – not even at higher volumes.

It makes a welcome twist from the wince-inducing harshness of rival speakers, but if we’re being choosy, we’d like just a little more sparkle and bite.

That said, the strength of that bass performance shouldn’t be underestimated – it’s head and shoulders above most rival speakers we’ve tested at this price, even if its lower frequencies can occasionally overwhelm other elements.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Design


Up until now, so recognizable. Yet, what’s new in this second form of the SoundLink Mini? Fortunately, Bose has addressed to for all intents and purposes the entirety of the hardware grievances about the first model.

Instead of using a cylinder-shaped charge plug, the Bose SoundLink Mini II utilizes the micro USB standard. It means that owners of Android handsets will be able to use their phone charger to power up the battery.

There are charge ports on both the dock and the speaker itself, providing a lot of flexibility. Using an external battery to charge up the Bose SoundLink Mini II is also a good option.

By adding a mic to the speaker, the SoundLink Mini II can now be used as a loudspeaker for phone calls.

There’s still no NFC for simple pairing, yet there is another voice framework.

Battery life has improved, as well, from a quoted 7 hours to 10 hours. You won’t get that long on the off chance that you blast the Bose SoundLink Mini II at full volume, notwithstanding. Even though having utilized the speaker for almost entire days on two or three events, we can say that we’re pretty happy with its stamina.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Features


Get the Bose, and the primary thing you’ll see is how overwhelming it is. It’s shockingly heavy, particularly for such a little thing.

It’s very durable and robust, and the profound metal packaging adds to its premium quality feel. It feels worth each penny of the £170 you pay for it, even if it looks slightly dated next to the more refreshing, bolder designs of some newer models.

In any case, it’s a decent size, and a suitable portable alternative – as long as you wouldn’t mind the weight.

The dark elastic buttons on top are useful and respond well. There’s a button each for Bluetooth and assistant information, so it’s easy to switch among wireless and wired input.

The silver aluminium casing is the only finish option, but Bose gives you the choice of adding on clear plastic covers with blue, green, or orange highlights. We prefer the clean, shiny look of the steely aluminium.

Bose Soundlink Mini II

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Given a choice between a thin sound lacking in strong bass vs. heaps of rich, deep bass and punchy sound, we’d go for the second option– especially in the case of this Soundlink speaker.

It might not have all the highlights of some rivals, but its bass depth, design quality, and confident delivery make the SoundLink Mini an outstanding contender at this price.

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