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Doss Soundbox Review

The DOSS Soundbox is a super cheap Bluetooth speaker that offers all the features found on much more expensive models for a fraction of the price.


DOSS SoundBox (DOSS Touch) is a small, lightweight, yet at the same time durable speaker with great sound and a wide variety of features. Also, it is a low-cost alternative for everybody on the strict budget plan.

The Good 

  • Easy to use touch controls

  • Extended playtime

  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

  • Easy reconnection with previously paired devices

The Bad 

  • Water protection not strong enough

  • Touch interface prone to getting scratches

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The DOSS Touch is a powerful Bluetooth speaker that conveys superior quality sound with a strong bass reaction. It highlights Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity for consistent excellent music streaming. This portable Bluetooth speaker is fit for creating 12W full-bodied stereo sound through its dual high-performance drivers with enhanced bass reaction.

Likewise, it comes equipped with an underlying touch control framework that allows you to play, pause, skip or adjust the volume of the music readily available. Moreover, the DOSS Touch comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology for high-quality sound streaming and will connect automatically to the last Bluetooth device used. Overall, the portability, long-lasting battery life, and sleek metallic design of the DOSS Touch make it an excellent speaker for indoor or outdoor use.

Doss Soundbox Speaker Sound


Whenever I purchase anything and use budget-friendly accessories, I usually try to focus on the price and who will be buying it. In most situations, especially with electronic gadgets, you get what you pay for. While some big brands might cost ten times as much as the Touch, you can expect better performance and features. While that might be true when comparing the build quality – like the Soundlink Revolve, which has the best in class build – it’s not entirely the same when comparing sound quality.

The DOSS Touch is surprisingly able to produce detailed sound. Its high tones are particularly where this speaker shines, almost to a fault. If you’re sitting too close to it and pump the volume up, it might sound a little piercing. However, if you’re outdoors enjoying time at the pool or a BBQ, these highs will cut through all background noise to produce a pleasing sound that everyone can enjoy. I particularly like the fact that there is almost no distortion at maximum volume with this speaker.

The touch interface is an exceptional feature that I appreciate. I’ve used a few portable speakers with buttons that wear out after some time, yet this touch control interface is quick to respond and is natural. I additionally like that the controls are illuminated, which makes the Touch exceptionally simple to use around evening time.

The expansion of the microSD card opening is excellent. You can download endless songs and play music on the Touch without requiring an internet or WiFi connection.

Doss Soundbox Performance


The DOSS Touch likewise sparkles as far as comfort and convenience. The touch controls are particularly intuitive and straightforward to use and have an appealing LED design, which makes the speaker outwardly dazzling. You can likewise change the volume on this speaker by sliding on the speaker’s top ring, which is pretty neat – a clockwise or counter-clockwise turn increase Or decrease Volume, respectively.

The speaker has an exceptionally perfect design and is determinedly manufactured; it’s structured explicitly to be ultra-compact, which means that you can easily slip it into your backpack or carry it around with any hassle. The speaker also has an in-built mic, which allows you to hands-free calls on the go.

Doss Soundbox Design


The great thing about the DOSS Soundbox Bluetooth speaker is that it comes with a 2200 mAh battery-powered battery, which gives an astounding 12 hours of playtime. The included micro USB link recharges the speaker after 3 to 4 hours of charging. The Bluetooth 4.0 version allows you to connect to virtually any Bluetooth powered gadget up to 33 feet away – you can likewise use a micro-scale SD card to play music or through the included audio cable.

As far as flexibility, the DOSS Touch truly sparkles in getting all the functionality involved in such a small and compact speaker.

Doss Soundbox

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The DOSS Touch is an excellent Bluetooth speaker that delivers a great combination of sound performance, wireless streaming, and battery life. We particularly liked that the speaker could produce crisp highs and mids, with a decent bass response and get very loud without any distortion in the sound. It is an outstanding feat for a budget Bluetooth speaker. The Touch-sensitive controls were intuitive and straightforward to use, and compact design also makes this speaker extraordinarily portable and easy to carry around.

The circular LED volume design at the top of the speaker works like a charm. The 12-hour battery life is also an added touch, which means that you can use this speaker for an extended period without having to worry about charging it. It is an all-rounded speaker with excellent touch controls and superior sound performance, and one of the best Bluetooth speakers that are worth considering.

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